7 Effective Ways to Ease Back Pain during Pregnancy

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Whether you are a working or stay-at-home soon-to-be mom, back pain can get in the way of many things. It can ruin your daily routine, easily exhaust you when doing simple activities, and worst – mess with your mood. Pregnancy is a long process, so it is best to not let such issue worsen over time.

Just because back pain during pregnancy is a common occurrence, does not mean it can be left untreated. You deserve to go through your pregnancy experiencing less pain and discomfort. From sitting upright to getting a pregnancy massage, below are 7 easy ways to relieve your backache during pregnancy.


Squat to Lift Items

Do not lift heavy items. If you need to, lift lighter objects while staying in the right posture. Bend your knees and squat to pick things up. Avoid bending over as this can increase the risks of miscarriage and injuries. Plus, the wrong posture can lead you to experience cramps, which is the last thing you need right now. 


Pick the Right Footwear

While you should avoid wearing heels that are too high, putting on completely flat shoes may not be the best solution as well. Find a footgear that is comfy enough, but with a bit of lifted, low heels. More importantly, get one with great arch support. A lot of shoes are designed for this purpose so you can find one that fits your preference easily.


Fix Your Posture

Standing up:

When standing, place your weight on your heels while leaning back a bit. Keep your legs opened at hip-width apart. It is crucial to not only perfect your posture when you are standing and sitting, but also when you sleep. You will be surprised at how much this can heal your pregnancy pain. With the weight of your baby bump, it is normal for you to gradually bending forward without noticing. 

Sitting down:

Sit up with your back straight without leaning forward and your shoulders pushed back. If you are sitting on a sofa or a couch, avoid crossing your legs. Do not slouch. Instead, sit on a chair like you would on a exercise ball. If necessary, get back support that you can place either on your chair or car seat.


How you sleep during pregnancy is important. You can easily ease into a comfortable position and remain that way for the whole night. Due to the long hours, it is advisable that you do not sleep on your back as the pressure of your baby weight will press on your back, causing it to ache. Instead, sleep on your side with a pillow placed in between your legs. One tip commonly recommended by mothers is to use the U-shaped pregnancy pillow. It keeps you in place the whole night and certainly gives you a better night’s sleep!

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Wear a Support Belt

Also known as the abdominal binder, this belt will be worn on your abdomen to help hold your baby bump up. It comes in several forms; one that is wide and full and worn like a corset, and one with a band that wraps on your lower abdomen and above your tummy (instead of covering it). Do not wrap the belt to the point it feels tight or suffocating. Inhale and exhale multiple times while putting the belt on so you know you can breathe and move around comfortably when you have it on – which you probably will, most of the time.


Practice Exercises that Combat Back Pain

There are several exercises you can practice to tackle pregnancy backaches. Swimming is one of the pregnancy-friendly exercises you can do. Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the activity and warm up beforehand. You can always do yoga. Do more of squats and lunges to strengthen your hips. Pregnant mothers with low-back pain are normally suggested to do wall squats where your back is straightened against the wall when you squat. If you are not fit enough to do any of these, just keep moving around to not let your muscles tighten. Doctors will advise mothers to regularly take a walk even nearing their EDD.


Heat & Cold Compresses

Just like treating engorged breasts, applying both heat and cold compresses on your back pain will help relieve the muscle pain. Place a cold compress like an ice pack on the area that you feel pain and hold it there for several seconds, gradually moving the compress around the area. If it shows little to no effect, change to heat compress. Using a heating pad can relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. You can also get into a quick hot shower or bath. 


Pamper Yourself in a Massage

A prenatal massage will do wonders in easing your pregnancy journey. It relieves your backache, cramps, and other pains you may feel, especially the ones at your joints. Back pain in pregnancy may also be caused by muscle tension. A pregnancy massage will effectively relax muscle tension and lower your stress hormones. Due to the hormones released, you may feel overwhelmed a lot so you deserve a relaxing massage session. 

Pregnancy therapy services will normally include a prenatal back massage Singapore package as well. If you are around town, there are a lot of professional agency that provides home-based services where the therapists will tend to you in the comfort of your own house.