5 Ways to Get Your Womb Back in Place Naturally

5 Ways to Get Your Womb Back in Place Naturally - PNSG

Do you feel uncomfortable when sitting down, like you are on top of a tiny bump? One of the explanations could be that your womb or uterus is dropping or sliding down due to your weakened pelvic floor muscles (in your situation, possibly from bearing a baby). 

This is a fairly common condition among mothers who have given birth.

The symptoms you could be experiencing may range from something as indistinct as low-back pain and difficulty or constant urge to urinate to the most obvious one which is the visibility of the dropping womb at your vaginal opening.

In case you are still unsure, it is always a good idea to get yourself checked by your doctor who can schedule a pelvic exam for you and tell you how to heal your womb naturally.

If you do in fact have a dropping womb, your doctor might put you on medications, suggest using a pessary, a supportive device in your vaginal canal, or recommend getting surgery. 

Prefer non-medical and nonsurgical solutions? Fortunately, there are many simpler ways you can opt for to reposition your womb back to where it belongs, so read up!

1) Exercise Your Pelvic Muscles

Ignore the word ‘exercise’ as this is quite possibly the easiest thing you could practice on a daily basis – the Kegel exercise. 

While in a sitting or lying down position, tighten your pelvic muscles, as if trying to stop the flow of urine. Keep it tightened for 3 to 5 seconds, and then relax for the next 3 to 5 seconds. 

Repeat the steps 10 times. You may do this thrice a day; in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This exercise will keep your bowel movements in control and at the same time strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to help with how to put the uterus back in place.

2) Do Less

Lifting heavy weight - PNSG

Not everything you do can be handled by your exhausted pelvic floor. If you immediately start doing chores and helping around the house, you could unintentionally encourage the falling of your womb. Specifically, avoid lifting heavy items. 

Lifting heavy weight can place stress on muscles and in turn weaken the structures around your pelvic organs, causing your uterus to slide down. Instead, ask for a hand. 

We’re sure your loved ones would not mind picking up that luggage at the front of your room considering what you are going through. 

Do not put a strain on your body to the point that even if you feel a cough coming, get it treated before it worsens.

3) Consume Herbs

Various herbal remedies are proven to work in strengthening and toning the pelvic muscles, which are the muscles working to grip your uterus. 

They can be added to your food or taken in the forms of supplement or tea. If you’re wondering what can I drink to clean my womb after giving birth, several herbs you could easily find include motherwort, horsetail, golden lock, and others. Red raspberry leaf, for example, has long been consumed as a uterine tonic. It works to get your uterus back to its normal state, reduce swelling and excessive bleeding, and revive the muscles around your uterus.

Some spa treatments offer services to postnatal mums and provide herbal tea in their packages so you may look that up as well. Keep in mind that you should always seek your doctor or a nutritionist’s approval before taking any oral supplements. 

4) Plan Your Daily Meals

Apart from drinking plenty of fluids, you should also increase your intake of high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals. 

Incorporating foods that contain vitamin D like eggs and oily fish into your diet could also treat your weak pelvic floor. Several things these will do are speeding up womb recovery, helping you lose weight, and preventing constipation. 

The main purpose here is to reduce any kind of overexerting upon your body. If you are too occupied with the little bundle of joy to plan what to include in your meals, leave it to the hands of those who know better. 

It could be a nutritionist, your mum, or grandmother who had gone through the same thing, or even better, a chef that prepares confinement meals.

5) Get a Massage

Back Massage - PNSG

Can you push a uterine prolapse back up? Massaging your abdomen will help the uterus contract and return to its previous shape. Learn the right way to massage your whole body as well.

This not only helps in your womb recovery, but also boosts lactation, improves blood circulation, and helps slim you down. Your womb is not the only one getting back to its pre-pregnancy state – your body is too! 

If you are uncertain of the correct ways to massage your body, the next best thing is to go to a professional who can perform postnatal or womb massage on you. Even better, get a home-based professional massage service that does not require you to go out. Reach out to certified and trained massage therapists who can tend to your body needs. 

All in all, your baby is not the only one needing extra care and attention. You as the mother especially need to stay in the pink of health to be able to take care of your baby. The womb is an especially important organ in a woman’s body. Hence, you should continue to practise uterus care after delivery. We hope your postnatal journey goes as easy as it can be and you will recover smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions about Womb Recovery & Massage

Q: What is the treatment for a shifted womb?


If you experience a prolapsed womb (also referred to as womb shifting in which your womb drops into the vaginal canal) after birth, you should recover by resting more and exercising your pelvic muscles like doing more Kegels, among others. 

Exercising the muscles before and during pregnancy can also help prevent this condition as well. Avoid lifting heavy items when you are still recovering from childbirth. 

A highly recommended treatment is postnatal massage. When massaging your abdomen, our therapist uses specific techniques that help with womb repositioning and contraction to hasten its overall recovery process.

Q: How to put your womb back in place?


Your womb is held by various muscles, tissues, and ligaments. Pregnancy and childbirth can potentially weaken these muscles, causing the womb to drop lower. 

Depending on how severe your prolapsed uterus is, you may be recommended different options. You can try pelvic muscles exercises like Kegel exercises. 

Let your body rest and avoid straining yourself. For better results, consider getting a postnatal massage as it usually includes womb massage. 

Apart from hastening your recovery, our massage is also effective in helping to reposition and contract your womb back in place, as well as fixing your posture.

Q: How long does it take for the womb to go back after delivery?


This depends on the severity of your womb’s condition after birth. It might take a shorter time for certain people who have regularly exercised their pelvic muscles. 

If you very rarely or never exercised your pelvic floor muscles, there is a higher chance of yours taking longer time to heal. 

Generally, with proper balanced daily meals and sufficient rest, it could take several months for your body and wound to heal from childbirth. 

To speed up your womb recovery, you can opt for a womb massage in Singapore like in our postnatal massage.

Q: How can I massage my uterus after delivery?


Here are some basic massage steps you can do. When massaging, focus on the lower abdomen and gently massage inwards, towards the centre of your belly to stimulate the uterus. 

Use squeezing movements in between massage. It is highly recommended that you let another person – preferably have a professional postnatal massage therapist do it for you. 

Not only do you need to reserve your energy and rest during this time, but improper techniques may cause you further discomforts. 

Hence, for more effective results and progress, you might want to leave the postpartum womb massage to the experts.

Closing Words

We hope that the article has served you well and you’ve learnt how to get air out of your uterus naturally as well as picked up a few useful tips about uterus massage. Should you still feel the need to Google “How do I push my uterus back up”, then might we suggest you swing by our other blog articles that may have other helpful information that you might need!

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