5 Things You Should Do During The Prenatal Period

5 Things You Should Do During The Prenatal Period - PNSG

Yes, your baby matters more than anything else. But so do you.

We understand that the growing baby inside your tummy is possibly the only thing that is on your mind when you are pregnant. ‘Is everything taken care of for my baby’s arrival?’, ‘Have we prepared enough diapers?’, or ‘Will I know if my baby is not getting enough milk?’ – endless will be the number of questions popping into your head every minute, and almost all of them will revolve around your baby to some extent.

However, there is one more person that you are missing out on your priority list who is as significant as your growing baby, and that is yourself. Sure, it is good to prepare things for when the baby is finally born. Still, you need to remember that you are currently their ‘house’ and after you deliver, you will be the one who takes care of and breastfeed them.

Therefore, when you are pregnant, it is more important than ever that you make sure both your physical being and emotions are in good states. We do not mean that you will have to keep yourself tucked under the blanket at all times, but taking care of yourself during pregnancy can be as easy as that. On that note, here are five easy steps to take care of yourself for a healthy pregnancy.

Have Regular Check-ups

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, visit a doctor or midwife. Let the professionals monitor your health along with your baby’s.

Your pregnancy may be smooth all the way or it may require some extra care if your medical history necessitates. According to your current health and physical condition as well, the doctor may advise on specific measures and precautions to take for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Once you have reached 40 weeks of pregnancy, you will be required to go on regular appointments with the doctor to ensure everything is going well and no potential risks.

Take Supplements

Supplements are necessary for the baby’s healthy development. Supplements are not required for all mothers, but those who do require them will benefit from them in a variety of ways.

If your blood test shows that you are lacking in specific vitamins or minerals, your doctor may prescribe supplements to ensure that you are getting enough nutrition. In some circumstances, the mother is at risk of malnutrition, therefore boosting her with calories and protein can help her pregnancy greatly.

Folic acid, for example, is essential for a pregnant woman because it reduces a variety of health concerns for the infant. Having said that, they are called supplements for a reason. Most pregnant women do not require it, but if your doctor recommends it, do listen and follow their advise.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Your pregnant cravings may cause you to salivate over foods you would normally avoid, but you must still be aware of what you consume.

Avoid eating unhealthy or junk food, especially anything that can irritate your stomach or create allergic responses. Your body requires a well-balanced diet to support your baby’s growth and health.

Remember that whatever you eat is what the baby eats, therefore vegetables, fruits, and foods high in protein, calcium, and carbs should be consumed in the amounts recommended by your doctor. You should also be concerned about the hygiene of the food you consume.

There are also additional important things to remember about the food you eat during this period. Before consuming fruits and vegetables, always properly wash them. To avoid salmonella illness, make sure your meal is thoroughly cooked. Clean any surfaces that may be used for cutting fruits and vegetables, and avoid mixing chopping boards for raw meats and other prepared items to avoid bacteria transfer.

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Unless your doctor advises you otherwise, you should aim to be more active during this period, regardless of how heavy your legs are feeling.

Light jogging, swimming, and walking are all beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Exercise will keep your body in good shape throughout this time and make it easier for you to lose any excess weight after giving delivery.

You might begin by performing pelvic exercises. These activities can help your back passage, uterus, and bladder after giving birth.

Get a Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage carries an array of benefits that will aid in a healthy pregnancy, especially if you get it from a skilled prenatal massage therapist in Singapore. The massage therapist will be able to expertly adjust your body to help both you and the baby feel relaxed.

Of course, they will avoid any sensitive areas to not induce labour or make you feel uncomfortable. They will massage away the nagging aches and pains that your body may be experiencing at the time.

Closing words

There you have it, mummies, our little checklist guide of what to do during pregnancy. Remember, pregnancy does not have to be a painful memory you look back upon one day.

You can shape it to be a beautiful and smooth one that you always want to reminisce about when it passes.

After all, taking all precautions to the best of your capabilities while you are pregnant is the best gift you can give to yourself and your child…well…that and getting a pre pregnancy massage.

So, pick up your phone, but not to Google “pregnancy massage near me” because that’s literally what we do. Instead, use that phone to ring us at +65 6417 9690 or, swing by our home page to discover what massage packages we offer today!