5 Essential Prenatal Practice For Mothers

5 Essential Prenatal Practice For Mothers

Pregnancy is a significant moment in life that is full of joy and challenges at the same time for expecting mothers. To ensure the well-being of the mother and the newborn, both prenatal and postnatal care are important.

Prenatal care helps moms to prepare herself – both physically and mentally – before giving birth. On the other hand, postnatal care focuses more on moms’ recovery and preparing them for nursing their newborns.

Throughout the pregnancy journey, your body undergoes transformation including expanding belly, weight gain, morning sickness and backaches. Some moms might need longer time to adapt to the new body and role changes. So here are some prenatal tips to help you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy!

1. Get Physical Examination and Counseling

5 Essential Prenatal Practice For Mothers

First and foremost, congratulations on your pregnancy! The first thing you need to do is visit a gynae after you find out about your pregnancy. It is especially important for a mom to get a physical examination and counseling from the professionals. This is an essential step and crucial step to take care of yourself and also your baby.

After your first meeting with your gynae, he or she will schedule a regular check-up throughout your pregnancy journey. Do not miss any of them because every check-up is important.

Take your partner with you and let him be involved throughout your pregnancy. This can help your spouse to be a part of this meaningful journey and adapt to his new role as well.

If you are uncertain of anything related to your pregnancy, consult your gynae and follow the professional advice from the gynae.

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2. Take Care of Your Diet

Eating healthy, balanced and nutritious food is important for moms during pregnancy. To start, it’s best to eat whole food instead of processed food. Choosing the right food to eat can help to provide sufficient nutrients to you and your baby.

Meanwhile, it’s normal for you to have strong or even odd food cravings during pregnancy. Pregnancy food cravings are often caused by the rapidly changing hormones in your body during pregnancy.

Try to always keep healthy pregnancy foods within reach, so that you can make better snack choices when the cravings hit. Some examples of healthy pregnancy snacks include apples with crackers, yogurt with nuts and fruits, and trial mix.

Meanwhile, you should avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes during pregnancy. In particular, heavy use of alcohol will affect a fetus’s brain development.

You might have heard of prenatal vitamins like folic acid, choline. These supplements are some of the essential supplements that might be needed during your pregnancy. Getting sufficient nutrients by taking supplements helps to nourish both the mom and the baby.

One thing that you must take note of – remember to consult your gynae before taking any supplements!

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is always good for health, and that includes during your pregnancy! You might be wondering what exercise is suitable and safe for pregnant moms? For moms who don’t usually workout, you can consider some easy exercise such as walking.

Walking is one of the best exercises for pregnant moms. It helps to reduce complications during pregnancy and delivery. Other than that, swimming is good for moms as the water can support your weight and reduce the risk of injury or muscle strain.

Furthermore, prenatal yoga is also quite popular among expecting moms recently. It helps to reduce a mom’s stress and anxiety. At the same time, practicing prenatal yoga regularly can help to increase the strength and flexibility which is needed for childbirth. Just make sure you wear a safe and comfortable pair of shoes when you do any of these activities.

4. Get Enough Rest & Sleep

Moms, you need rest and sleep for your body and mind to process and adapt to all the changes it is going through. Growing a human is hard work, so it is not surprising if you feel more tired than usual.

Usually, you will tend to sleep much more compared to pre-pregnancy in the first and second trimester. When you reach the third trimester, you might struggle to get a comfortable position to sleep due to the weight gain and body aches.

Adequate sleep and relaxation is required during pregnancy. If you have body aches and difficulties sleeping, you can get a prenatal massage. You might ask “can I get a massage during pregnancy? “Is it safe to get a massage during pregnancy?” The answer is yes provided that you engage with a professional prenatal massage service.

Prenatal massage is different from usual massage in which the therapist will focus on different spots and the pressure applied will be different as well. Prenatal massage is able to reduce water retention and ease the body aches due to the weight of your growing baby. Usually, moms are able to sleep better during the night after a prenatal massage!

5. Prepare For The Arrival of Baby

This might sound early if you are still in the first or second trimester. But trust us, preparation for the arrival of a baby is not an easy task. Baby clothing, diapers, feeding and nursing accessories, sterilizer, swaddle, baby carriers, stroller and more! The list goes on and on.

You can start listing out necessary things and slowly start purchasing. MumChecked provides a wide variety of products for mothers, as well as trusted baby products from zero to three years old.

You can check out the genuine reviews from mums before purchasing. It is even better to do the preparation together with your partner. This can help to comfort the mother that she is not alone when going through the pregnancy. So to all the daddies-to-be reading this – show your support and show your love!

These are some basic prenatal practices that you may consider trying. Again, remember to consult your gynae before attempting any changes in your diet or active levels. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, and sometimes it’s okay to feel worried, scared, or uncertain. Communicate with your partner and your loved ones. Your friends and families will be around to be your biggest support throughout the pregnancy journey!