5 Best Tips to Recover after Childbirth as Shared by Real Moms

5 Best Tips to Recover after Childbirth as Shared by Real Moms - PNSG
5 Best Tips to Recover after Childbirth as Shared by Real Moms – PNSG

Postnatal recovery can be painful, difficult, and challenging – but those aren’t the rules. It does not have to be that way for you (too) just because it is an extremely common experience among other mothers. So, wherever there are ways you can do to heal better and comfortably, be sure to grab it! 

On that note, here are 5 basic – yet not always adhered by – postpartum recovery essential tips that you should follow.

Eat What YOUR BODY Needs

This is possibly the most important one of all. It is extremely crucial to eat well-balanced meals, but how exactly? Once you have given birth, your nutritional requirements differ from that of a regular adult. You need to take into consideration that you now have a child who might fully depend on your breast milk as their sole source of nutrition, hence it is important that you also eat *for* them. Just as how nutrition during pregnancy is important, so is nutrition afterwards.

A common dietary practice during pregnancy is to have perhaps five to six small meals spread throughout the day rather than have 2 or 3 big meals. The good news is, this practice is in fact a good, highly recommended meal plan that you can continue to follow anytime beyond just pregnancy. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have different organic foods in each of rainbow colours every day. Of course, keeping yourself hydrated is essential for so many reasons!

Breastfeed — Comfortably!

Now this is a tricky one. There are so many issues you might not foresee experiencing by the time you breastfeed, but they are rarely predictable in the first place so don’t punish yourself for them. Also don’t keep enduring the pain thinking it will go away on its own – it might, but you can certainly enjoy breastfeeding more if you try to tackle the issues from the get-go. The good thing is, there are also abundant tips and advice from other mommies that you can give a try to see which ones would work for you.

For instance, you can try massaging or using hot and cold compression to keep the flow going smoothly. Using a breast pump helps too, of course. Don’t forget to check out MumChecked for quality breast pump selection or any other quality baby products if those are the kind of breastfeeding assistance tools you need as well. 

You might also want to include more lactogenic ingredients into your daily meals. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look further for any ingredients you are probably not familiar with. Some of the lactation-boosting ingredients are probably already in your kitchen, like ginger, garlic, and of course – green papaya! Lastly, we cannot talk about breastfeeding without mentioning the one treatment that so many mothers swear by; breastfeeding massage therapy. Let’s get to it in the next one!

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Get a Massage BOTH during Pregnancy & After

Massage During Pregnancy - PNSG
Massage During Pregnancy – PNSG

You know what they say; prevention is better than cure – and it’s true! Even more so when it comes to maternity matters. That is why pregnancy massage SG is highly recommended by local mothers and can do just as much good as a postnatal massage. 

Massage during pregnancy can do a lot more than just relieving your leg cramps and backaches. Your body would be less tense, which is crucial to carry to terms comfortably. Many mothers also feel more relaxed after getting consecutive prenatal massages, which subsequently helps to prepare themselves better for the delivery.

Alternatively, postnatal massage can do all bunch of wonders after you have given birth. It can speed up your womb recovery, release muscle tension, keep you relaxed, and tone your body. Most importantly, it can also help with breastfeeding! New mothers tend to have difficulties when breastfeeding such as engorgement or blocked milk ducts. In this case, massage is one of the ideal treatment as it is a natural therapy that is done specifically to suit different mother’s condition and postnatal body issues. The techniques and pressured used may also be different based on how comfortable you are with the massage. If you have been waiting for a sign to book that massage, this is it!

Practise Core Muscle Exercises

Carrying a baby bump is not just all the cute, cuddly matter as it looks on the outside. When you are pregnant, your abdominal muscles may become so stretched that they even separate from each other at the middle line (also known as the diastasis recti). Don’t worry, this is very normal. Give your body some time to rest after birth and when you are ready to recover, you can start slowly with exercises that can help contract your core muscles, e.g. using the pilates ring to lightly push your upper body up towards your bent legs. Move on to bigger exercises step by step once you feel that your body is up for it.

It is also recommended that you exercise your abs through pregnancy as well, provided that you get the green light from your doctor. Strong abs can help relieve the pressure on your back and give you a better posture, which in turn can reduce backaches. It is also believed to increase your sense of control during labour and hasten the recovery after birth. That said, you do not have to push yourself to do anything that requires you to exert too much energy. In fact, a simple abs stretching would be enough to help support your pelvic organs as your bum grows bigger day by day.

Divide Responsibilities with Your Spouse

This is just about the most important tips of all. Reach out for help. When offered, accept the help. Especially from the person closest to you; your spouse. Trust us, your husband is possibly hoping you would ask for help as well as they themselves might be unsure of what other things they can be of help with other than chores related to your newborn.

Communicate how you are feeling and what are things that you need help with the most. During this time, ‘mom guilt’ might be haunting you. You might feel like the chores split are not fair and you are burdening others, but splitting all the work to 50-50 does not always mean it is fair to all parties involved. You have gone through a huge life event so it is only natural that you have to let your body rest a little bit longer and rely on other people to get stuff done on your behalf. 

By clearly communicating your feelings and needs, on top of yourself – you are also helping others who want to help you as well. Let others take the load off your shoulder and keep all the stress at bay!

We know these postpartum recovery tips look too simple, but maybe it never had to be super hard and complicated to show some love to your body? It’s easy to overlook your physical and mental health when you have your newborn to focus on, but what they need the most is a healthy, happy, and well-rested mother. So give them that.

On the off chance you’d need to feel rejuvenated, our prenatal and postnatal massages can be brought to your place with just a phone call! Whether you want to know which massage to go for or to find out our post natal massage price, feel free to ring us at +65 6417 9690, we are reachable daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.